Landscape Design

Landscape Design

The foundations of a beautiful garden

When the season changes, everyone loves to be outside, enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer. Outdoor rooms provide a space to entertain, cook and lounge under the summer sun and stars; gardens give homeowners the medium to create floral masterpieces full of color and life; and garden projects, like building a garden structure or creating a beautiful container garden, can while away boring summer days. But before any garden activity can start, a homeowner needs to have an innovative, creative landscape design to build on.

Landscape design is the foundation of your garden - it details your flowerbeds and provides a "floor" for your outdoor rooms. By properly and carefully designing your yard, you will ensure that your garden will be exposed to the right amount of sun, wind and water and will adhere to the regulations for your property set out by your city. Plus, choosing landscaping plants that will provide beautiful color and contrasting texture in all seasons will make your backyard landscape outshine all others in the neighborhood.

Project planning for your garden is extremely important, and you should consider a few points before getting out the stakes and twine:

  • How big is your yard? This will be important when planning flowerbeds, paths and walkways and any patios that you may want to build.
  • What kind of garden style do you want to create? This will influence your garden's hardscaped design; for example, an English garden has long flowerbeds and a focal point in the distance.
  • What's the microclimate in your yard? Determining the best place for the plants you want to include will ensure that you won't be watching your prized roses die because of the environment.
  • What will you use your garden for? Will you want a lot of foundation plants, water features or shrubbery? What you want to plant may influence your design.

It's always best, if you're not sure about landscaping, to have a professional survey your landscape and provide you with proper garden plans to work with. Professional landscape designers will also be able to give you some great garden ideas, tell you the best places for certain elements of your design and how to best combine plants for a stunning effect. You can contact any garden center or landscape design company for a price quote. As well, professionals will ensure that your landscape job will be done right.