Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

A fresh way to enjoy life outdoors

It's time to throw open the doors and take it outside. Take your kitchen, take your living room, heck, even take your TV - the outdoor room is alive and well in North America. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to don hiking boots or a backpack. Outdoor living means just that - living, eating and relaxing outdoors in the fresh air. Indoor and outdoor styles come together to create truly amazing rooms. The patio has changed, and it will never be the same again.

If you love to spend time outdoors, then this section is for you. Outdoor rooms are today's hottest trend, and the market is rife with chic outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchen appliances, outdoor accessories and elements that look right at home in any green space. Plants and outdoor-curtains become walls, pergolas become ceilings and patio furniture is transformed into sofas and chaises that look as if they should grace someone's elegant living room - you can't go wrong with decorating outdoors. Some landscapers recommend that you think of your outdoor room as an extension of your house, so why not add to the value and beauty of your home?

Want to create an outdoor kitchen? The definition no longer means a smoky grill and a few tired plastic lawn chairs. Now you can build a culinary masterpiece complete with grill, refrigerator, dishwasher, sink and microwave. Cooking a four-course meal outdoors is now as easy as baking a pie in your indoor oven. Do you love to entertain? Check out what you'll need to create a dining room in your backyard, from dining furniture to outdoor dishes. Elegance starts in the garden!

If you love to relax, don't worry about missing any of your creature comforts indoors - lounge outside with your friends on comfortable outdoor sofas, ottomans, daybeds and chairs. You won't sacrifice softness for durability - the bright fabrics and warm blankets are made especially to withstand the elements. You can even sleep outside, if you wish. Decorate your space with plants, beautiful sculptures and a outdoor fireplace, and you've got a outdoor living room everyone will envy.

Don't forget about the kids - if there's nothing to draw them outside, why not build them a fairy-tale play area of their own? You can get rid of some of the toy clutter while giving them a place for their imaginations to flourish. Maybe you'll find that your daughter has turned into a fairy princess or your son is captain of a pirate ship - who knows?

You can learn about how to build an outdoor room and what to put in it. We discuss the latest trends in outdoor electronics, style and furniture, so that you're always up on what's new for the season. You'll be set to entertain and relax on your new patio retreat. Don't forget that outdoor rooms can often cost up to 10 percent of your home's value - you can build a veritable paradise in your own backyard. Who needs a cottage?